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Contamination Removal 
Environmentally friendly
The EEO process is free of harmful chemicals and harmless to the environment and humans.
Reduce sludge volume
The EEO system significantly reduces water system sludge and silt buildup.
Process multiple contaminants
A single EEO system processes a wide range of contaminants, other technologies would have needed a separate system for each contaminant.
Automatic and controlled
The system is fully automatic and provides complete control over water quality.
Extended life span
The EEO System, by removing contaminants and not using chemicals, extends the life span of water systems.
Low Installation costs
Because the EEO System is external to your existing system, installation is an easy and cost efficient process.
EEO How It Works
> The Elgressy Electro Oxidation system uses unique ceramic plated titanium
anodes developed by Elgressy that do not dissolve in the water.
> When a DC current is passed through the anodes, a reaction occurs and oxygen, ozone, active chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other oxygenation agents are produced.
> In the area around the cathode a very high PH level is achieved which cause metal ions or calcium carbonate to sink. 

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