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Scale Treatment for Heat Exchangers 
The SCP (Scale Crystallization Prevention) is an electrolytic system that prevents scale deposition, reduces and removes chlorine and bacteria from the water, and substantially reduces corrosion rates.
The SCP is connected externally to the heat exchange unit and needs no complicated installation procedures or changes to your existing system. This, in itself, represents a significant saving in installation and maintenance costs.
SCP Electrolysis Process
Electrolysis and the use of innovative, patented technology, prevents scaling.
A combination of a constant direct current, a ternary alloy electrode and the release of trace amounts of metal ions well within WHO and EPA norms for drinking water, reduces 70% of chlorine present in the water, at temperatures as high as 86 degrees.
The SCP electrode releases metallic trace elements of Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc; none of these metals pose a health risk.
The metal ions retard the precipitation of CaCO3 and induce the formation of non-adhering aragonite crystals.
SCP One System, Multiple Benefits
Environmentally friendly
The electrolysis process is free of harmful chemicals and harmless to the environment and humans.
Safe drinking water
Metal ions are released in a controlled fashion and well within WHO and EPA norms for drinking water.
Saving resources
The SCP system has low energy needs and low water consumption rates.
Prevents pipe blockage
By eliminating scale buildup, the SCP prevents pipe blockage and potentially harmful overheating and irreversible damage.
Automatic and controlled
The system is fully automatic and provides complete control over water quality.
Extended life span
The SCP system extends the life span of heating systems in both the industrial and private sectors.

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