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SOLUTIONS | Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers and Hot Water Systems Treatment
The Problem 
The primary problem of heat exchangers and hot water systems is the buildup of scale, deposits of calcium or magnesium carbonate. 
T his encourages the development of three other serious problems: Micro-organisms and bacteria that affect the quality of the water, c orrosion which can damage industrial machinery, commercial and home appliances and c hlorine buildup.
Efficient and cost effective solutions to these problems significantly improve water quality and reduce overall operating costs.
The Solution
Elgressy`s solution is based on an electrolytic technology that prevents scale deposition, reduces and removes chlorine and bacteria from the water and substantially reduces corrosion rates. The technology is free from harmful chemicals and has low energy and water consumption rates
Environmentally Friendly
Safe Drinking Water
Saving Resources
Prevents Pipe Blockage
Extended Lifespan

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