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SOLUTIONS | Eradication of Bacteria

Eradication and Control of Legionella Pneumophila (LP) Bacteria for Hot Water Systems
The Problem
The LPs breeding ground are water systems, both natural and manmade. In natural water systems, its concentration is low and the risk is minimal.
In manmade systems - including hot water systems the risk of infection is increased greatly.
The LP bacteria is very resilient, reproduces at temperatures of 20O C to 45O C and can survive in water with temperatures of up to 70O C.
The bacteria can result in sever, often fatal, pneumonia to which the elderly, young children, smokers, alcoholics and those with a damaged immune system are particularly susceptible
The Solution
Elgressy`s solution facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms in hot water systems based on an elecro-chemical process which reduces significantly the sediment and scale within the hot water system.
Prevention of scale buildup and precipitation assists in the prevention of LP bacteria growth and also corrosion.
The solution is chemical free and environmentally safe.
Chemically Free Water Treatment
Removes Harmful Bacteria and Health Dangers
Prevents LP Bacteria Re-growth
Efficient Operation and Longer Lifespan
Lower Operation Costs

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