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Super LPB System - Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria Treatment system for water systems
Addressing the problems of the Legionella Pneumophila (LP) Bacteria
The LP’s breeding ground are water systems, both natural and manmade.

In manmade systems - including hot water systems the risk of infection is increased greatly.

The LP bacteria is very resilient, reproduces at temperatures of 20°C to 45°C and can survive in water with temperatures of up to 70°C.
The bacteria can result in sever, often fatal, pneumonia to which the elderly, young children, smokers, alcoholics and those with a damaged immune system are particularly susceptible
Super LPB System Provides the Right Solution at the Right Place 
Elgressy’s Super LPB system facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms, including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria, in water systems.

The system is based on an electrochemical process, which reduces significantly the buildup of sediment and scale within water systems.

Prevention of scale buildup and precipitation assists in the prevention of LP bacteria growth.

The Super LPB system is suitable for cold & hot water systems.

The system includes a digital chlorine dioxide measurement device, by which any required level of chlorine dioxide production is determined.

The Elgressy Super LPB system is patented in Israel, Europe and in the United States.

Tested and approved by the Spanish and Israeli Health Ministry and in Ensil University in Limoges, France.
Super LPB System Benefits
>   Removes various harmful bacteria`s and health dangers 
By facilitating the efficient eradication of the potentially different kinds of bacteria`s, the LPB system provides a safer and healthier environment.
>   Chemically free water treatment  
No chemicals are used in the process; so there is no transportation or storage of these dangerous and explosive chemicals and so the electrochemical process poses no threat to people or the environment.  
>   Reducing scale build up and sediment  
As a by-pass treatment the system also removes scale buildups. 
>   Prevents LP bacteria re-growth  
The system removes the LP bacteria’s favorite breeding ground and ensures a bacteria free water supply. 
>   Lower operating costs and a longer system life  
Operation is more efficient and less maintenance is needed, vital components aren’t damaged. 

Super LPB – The Electrochemical Process
The Elgressy Super LPB system destroys buildups of the LP bacteria, and prevents its reestablishment in water subsystems by using an electrochemical process.
Inside the reaction tank are unique titanium and nickel oxide anodes, patented by Elgressy Engineering. With a life expectancy of several years, these anodes do not cause corrosion or water contamination. When direct electric current is passed through the anodes a tiny and controlled amount of free chlorine (CL2) is produced along with ozone, oxygen, radical oxygen and other oxidants which produces chlorine dioxide (CLO2).
The Super LPB system includes a digital chlorine dioxide measurement device, which continually measure the level of the chlorine dioxide in the water and automatically control the following production level required.

The Super LPB systems also precipitate the scale on the reaction tank inlet surface and deprive the bacteria of their growth medium.


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